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Baadal Enterprise is Manufacturer and Exporter of Whiting Chalk Powder ( Calcium Carbonate - CaCO3 ) and Limestone Powder based in Porbandar, Gujarat, India. We also take care of our client's needs of other Industrial Minerals found in the lands of Porbandar.

Baadal Enterprise was born when two experts from different industries. Technology and Industrial Minerals Mining met together. For the better purpose of business and makes both the industries employee's lives better.

Baadal Enterprise is utilizing the latest business technologies to revolutionize the industrial minerals mining business with the help of mining experts.

whiting chalk powder

Whiting Chalk Powder (Calcium Carbonate - CaCO3)

Whiting chalk powder is used by many industries like paint, rubber, glass, paper, and construction Industrial is widely used as a filling agent in their product.

  • CaCO3
  • Smoothness
  • Opacity
  • Brightness

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industrial minerals

Industrial Minerals

Industrial minerals use improves the physical, mechanical and thermal properties of products.

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limestone powder

Limestone Powder

Limestone powder contains a good amount of iron oxide, it is also used as the agent of coating pigment to enhance whiteness and blurriness of products.

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Paint Industries

The paint industries used calcium carbonate to increase the quantity of paint as a filling and coating pigment due to its bright white color.

Construction Industries

Industrial minerals are the base unit of any construction work. For example, clay, calcium carbonate, sand, feldspar, kaolin, and other minerals are fundamental to all building materials.

Shoes & Rubber Industries

Industrial minerals are widely used by the rubber & shoe industry as a reinforcing filling agent to improve the tensile strength & whiteness of the rubber & shoe.

Paper Industries

Industrial minerals are commonly used in conjunction with kaolin in papermaking, it can increase the luster, whiteness, opacity, and ink absorption of paper.

Chemical & Cosmetic Industries

Industrial minerals are also used to remove some chemicals and also help in the formation of some cosmetic chemicals.

Glass Industries

Industrial minerals (CaCO3) in glass industries are used to the glassblowing process and stabilizer in order.

Plastic Industries

Industrial minerals (CaCO3) are used to improve processing performance, hardness, electrical performance, gloss, and surf activity of the production process and also increases the heat resistance of plastic products.

Ink Industries

Calcium carbonate is used to control the expansion to ink and helps to increase the color Brightness and strength of the ink.


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Answers to common questions

Frequently asked questions

1. Which quality chalk powder do you have?

We have

  1. Superframe micro whiting chalk powder,
  2. Whiting chalk powder,
  3. Off white chalk powder,
  4. Yellow chalk powder.

2. What is your minimum order quantity?

Our Per day capacity is 25 tons of whiting chalk powder

  1. In place vise
    1. In Saurashtra 20 tons,
    2. Outside Saurashtra in Gujarat 22 to 23 tons,
    3. Up, Delhi, Bihar and northern side 35 tons,
    4. West Bengal and south side 28 tons.
      1. In West Bengal and south side chalk powder transported by cargo/ship/vessel.

3. How much packaging quantity do you have?

  1. We have 20 kg, 25 kg and 40 kg packaging in chalk powder.
  2. In Chalk lumps, we offer 25 kg and 50 kg packaging.

4. How long will the product be delivered from when the order is received?

  1. The product will be delivered to you within one week of receiving the order.
  2. And if the order is large, then its time will be determined according to the order and availability of transportation.

5. Can we send our brand bags?
  1. Yes, you can send but its courier cost will be yours and in return, the cost of the bag will be deducted from us.
6. Can we pay the payment at the time of delivery of the products?
  1. Yes, you can pay on delivery time, One of our team members will be there with the shipment at the time of delivery of your product, you will have to pay it in full amount to them at delivery time.
7. Which kind of bag do you use?

  1. In Chalk powder
    1. In 20 kg we offer to the packaging of the Swastik brand, Ganesh brand, and Captain Brand's bags.
    2. In 25 kg we offer to the packaging of Swastika brand and Captain Brand's bags.
    3. And at 40kg we offer to the packaging of second-hand bags. It will help you with the rapid transport of chalk powder.
  2. In chalk lumps
    1. In 25 kg we offer to the package of second-hand bags. It will help you with the rapid transport of chalk lumps.
    2. And at 50 kg we offer to the package of Ripul Reliance Bags.

8. which type of payment options do you provide us?
  1. There are three types of payment options provided by us.
    1. You have to make full payment in advance. OR
    2. We also accept payment through Demand Draft. OR
    3. We also accept payment by cheque. (there are three conditions to pay in cheque)
      1. Expire date of the cheque is after one month.
      2. You must send us the cheque via courier in advance.
      3. And we receive the cheque then after your product will be shipped from here.

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+91 9925 247 365


+91 9925 247 365

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