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Paint Industries

The paint industries used calcium carbonate to increase the quantity of paint as a filling and coating pigment due to its bright white color.

Adding calcium carbonate in the paint helps to facilitate smoothness and better viscosity. And it also helps to cut the cost of production.

Every paint industry is used 20% to 60% industrial minerals to control the temperature of buildings and houses, it also Extending the life of the paint and helping to give ultraviolet protection.

industrial minerals

Construction Industries

Industrial minerals are the base unit of any construction work. For example, clay, calcium carbonate, sand, feldspar, kaolin, and other minerals are fundamental to all building materials.

The construction industry uses calcium carbonate as waterproofing in buildings and houses, wall put, etc work use a lot of industrial minerals.

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Shoes & Rubber Industries

Industrial minerals are widely used by the rubber & shoe industry as a reinforcing filling agent to improve the tensile strength & whiteness of the rubber & shoe.

The addition of heavy calcium carbonate makes it easy to process rubber products and also helpful as energy sever.

The use of industrial minerals is reducing the use of natural resources. It saves the environment too making the calcium carbonate rubbers.

industrial minerals

Paper Industries

Industrial minerals are commonly used in conjunction with kaolin in papermaking, it can increase the luster, whiteness, opacity, and ink absorption of paper.

The use of calcium carbonate is to coat the surface in a neutral papering process, which gives the paper durability and strength.

It can significantly enhance the whiteness and smoothness of the paper, reduce production costs by lessening the need for glue and whitener, and improve the paper's printing performance.

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Chemical & Cosmetic Industries

Industrial minerals are also used to remove some chemicals and also help in the formation of some cosmetic chemicals.

White chalk powder is used to make talcum powder, and it also helps to remove smoke, plaster or other waste from sulfur dioxide.

industrial minerals

Glass Industries

Industrial minerals (CaCO3) in glass industries are used to the glassblowing process and stabilizer in order.

It improves the mechanical properties and physical appearance of glass objects. It enhances the reflection, brightness and increases the clarity and capacity of glass.

Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is most desirable for the glass industry because it's highly pure and it has a very low level of undesirable minerals & contaminants.

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Plastic Industries

Industrial minerals (CaCO3) are used to improve processing performance, hardness, electrical performance, gloss, and surf activity of the production process and also increases the heat resistance of plastic products.

Calcium carbonate quickly allows the heat and cooling of carbonate polymers, which help in saving energy and increase in productivity.

industrial minerals

Ink Industries

Calcium carbonate is used to control the expansion to ink and helps to increase the color Brightness and strength of the ink.

Its use effectively cut costs, increase volume, prevent settling, and improve the ink's luster, transparency, adhesion, and color brightness.

Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is most desirable for the glass industry because it's highly pure and it has a very low level of undesirable minerals & contaminants.

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